Lolcat Bible is Bible in Lolcat

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Ceiling cat

Many people decry the internet as “unholy” and “against the will of God”. I am perhaps now one of those people as well. In case you are unfamiliar with “lolcat speak”, it is a bastardization of the english language of the highest order. It goes beyond “l33t speak”, and can best be described as written version a semi-retarded 1st grader’s attempt at forming a sentence. Well, now the internet has finally done it, and given us a translation of The Bible in lolcat. This is, obviously, an attempt to convert the lolcats to Christianity. By doing so, we will be losing the rich culture and tradition of the lolcats. I, for one will not take this lying down. I will, however, be taking this sitting down… in a small pile of my own filth. God, I’m lazy.

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