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The World

The World is a world-class (oh, I went there) ocean liner. It is managed by the company Residensea and is the world’s first ocean liner residence. The on-board domiciles range from one bedroom to three bedrooms and studio apartments.  The dwellings range in price, but they all lie in the millions (yes, plural), so unless you’ve been adding to the swear jar your whole life or are very rich, chances are that you can’t afford it.

the world

Who might find this nomadic residency attractive? To quote their website:

Those of us who enjoy luxury yacht ownership or those that may be attracted to private residence clubs or destination clubs will find that The World is a perfect travel option. We savour the sense of anticipation as morning brings a new port in a hitherto-unvisited quarter of the globe, glancing out of the window to see, instead of the lane leading down to the post box ….. Sydney, Hong Kong or St. Tropez on the horizon.

The community operates much like a homeowners association. The travel location choices are very democratic; the residents vote for the location and the ship sets sail. The boat comes complete with stores, medical facilities, gym, sports courts, pools, spas, resturaunts, and more. If you love traveling via ocean that much, and are not rich, for a lot less money, you can buy space on my resident “ocean liner” which comes complete with an old wooden door (for floating), a cotton sheet sail (for moving), an oar (in case there is no wind), and some floaties for safety compliance (safety is our number one concern!). Consider it. You won’t not be not loving it or your money back. More pictures after the jump.

the world’s deckan example of a 3 room residencethe poolthe worldthe world

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