Lightway Blinds Light Your Windowspace, Is Trippy

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Lightway Blinds

Designed by Damian Savio, Lightway is a blind-like system meant to light your window space. It is based off the Breezway window louver system, but has some essential differences:

The major difference being the Lightway uses organic OLED’s and advanced transparent Photovoltaic Nanoscale technology to allow sunlight to enter the household during the day and to fill the house with light during the night.

The OLEDs can display colors and patterns that do more than just light up the blinds. This thing is pretty cool until you “acidently” lick something LSD-laced. Then it becomes a whole new world. Not like the kind in Aladdin, though, because that would be cool. It’s more like a world you think you can enter but end up jumping through and falling ten stories to your end. More pics, just continue reading.

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