Lightsaber Lamp, the Ladies Will Love it

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Lightsaber Lamp

If you are a Star Wars junkie, then these are a must-have for your sweat-smelling, fast-food-littered, poster-plastered, lady-repelling bedroom. For your convenience, they run off of AAA batteries, which means that you can place it right next to your Boba Fett Bobble Head without having to unplug any of your computers, neon signs, and other nerdy electronics. It comes complete with an on/off switch, like you might find on a real lightsaber. The plastic-filtered glow comes in two colors: green for you fans of the jedi, and red for you devoted to the dark side. Either way, no two people will not be not getting busy in your room, despite their 14 inch phallic design. They are available at NCSX at a mere $23. They figured that it was the price of your dignity. I already have mine.

More pictures of the lamp/ass prod after the jump.

Lightsaber Lampslightsaber lampthe hiltfull sithy beauty

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ryan fresh January 18, 2008 at 2:50 am

got one.

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