LeapFrog Makes “Console”, Edu-Tainment a Scam

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Leapfrog Console

Leapfrog, the company that rips of parents to make a quick buck, has created a new ploy for parents who want to trick their kids into thinking they’re having fun. Meet the Leapster2 and Didj (the Leapster2 is, of course, the follow up to the completely unknown massively popular Leapster). These two “gaming devices” are aimed at children under the age of 10 (who don’t know any better), and are supposed to be an alternative to an iPod, Cell Phone, or more expensive and breakable handheld such a DS, PSP (AKA, everything that isn’t one of these pieces of crap from Leapfrog). Personally, I’ve bought several shipments of them. I don’t plan on playing them, but I do like to use them as bait at the playgrounds… I’m a creep. More picture after the jump.


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Another scammed by leapfrog March 12, 2008 at 3:43 pm

I bought the Leapfrog Pentop computer for my daughter and what a load of GARBAGE this is! Nowhere on the box, or anywhere on the material does it tell you that it doesn’t work on a MAC…..not until you have trouble installing it (already opened the box, and can’t return it) do they tell you that it only works on Windows XP…..well, I have Windows XP….but, it’s a Mac…so, it won’t work….what a crock of crap! They are FALSE ADVERTISING and it is disgusting! We paid BIG money for this package and even more money for the stupid “special” notebooks ($10 each) for this stupid thing….and it doesn’t work at all. Further, Leapfrog won’t even offer us a crumb of a credit of any kind, towards ANYTHING to even ATTEMPT to make it right. That is a HORRIBLE way to do business…don’t buy products from this company, because they certainly don’t stand behind them and don’t have any customer service skills whatsoever!

j notlim December 9, 2009 at 4:54 pm

We were given a nearly new Little Leaps console, and ordered the DVD’s from Leapfrog. Could not get the disc player to recognize the console, no matter how many codes were entered. Wrote to customer service …

“We are sorry to hear of your experience. The listed DVD names on the Little Leaps do not necessarily suggest the compatibility of those to the Little Leaps. We have those listed because they are the most commonly used DVD players.

Little Leaps is not compatible with HDTV’s, Home Theater Systems, 5-discs player/changer, Surround Sound Systems and Blu-Rays.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.”

So that means I need to throw out the Blu-Ray player, get rid of the HDTV, disconnect the home theater & Dolby 5.1 surround. If anyone still has a black & white low def television, and a first gen DVD player, I need to buy it. Or forget about Little Leaps, which is a better option.

They did offer to refund the purchase price of the DVD’s, but would not send a UPS return label. Interesting that Leapfrog never discloses the incompatibility of their products with anything made after the year 2000. A poor way to do business.

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