Laser-Guided Scissors Are Unnecessary, Accurate; Terrify Children

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laser guided scissors

Nothing says,”put this next to your child’s head” quite like a laser-sight attached to a pair of blades.  In an attempt to create cleaner, straighter cuts, the good folks over at thinkgeek have attached a laser to the top of a pair of scissors, projecting a laser beam across the surface that is about to be cleft in twain.  These scissors are exactly the kind of laser-based innovation that I have been waiting for.  I’ve been looking for laser-based ways to terrify my children, but they’ve all been way out of my price range (hey, you… click on an ad.  I need to feed my illegitimate children).  For the low price of $17.99, I now have a laser-guided weapon that can terrify my kids, and give them a haircut.  No more missing ear chunks and terrible artistic haircuts, now it’s just crying children who will eat their veggies or else face the laser-based wrath of this bladed wondertool.

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UPDATE:  Turns out lasers run out of batteries, the children are revolting, and I’ve been locked underneath the kitchen sink.  If anyone finds this article, please come get me out, and bring some LR44 button cell batteries!

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