LapDome: for Those who Suck at Life, Love Tans

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Have your parents ever told you to “go play outside”, and it’s just so hard because you can’t see the screen with all that “natural light” in the way? Well, the LapDome is here to allow you to look like a huge pasty nerd outside, as well as from the confines of your dank pit of a dwelling. LapDome, Inc. is now offering 4 versions of their completely useless amazingly inventive new product, ranging from $25 for those of you who don’t need all those extra bells and whistles with their portable shade, all the way up to $80 for the “Planet Rambler” edition (which I assume comes with a Mail In Rebate for some of your dignity back). I went for the “Planet Rambler” edition myself, because everyone knows how much the ladies love a LapDome… they love it almost as much as my PantsDome… which is less portable shade device, and more erection.

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