Kinetic Cell Phone Makes Calls When Shaken

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Kinetic Cell Phone

For a so called “Green” phone, this thing sure is pretty blue and silver. The Atlas Kinetic Cellphone is a cell phone that runs on kinetic energy, much like those ultra-expensive watches that you see on CEOs and homeless people with quick hands. The phone comes only with basic features such as “Call”, “Hang up” and “Bludgeon“, while skipping the important features like, “Play Music”, “Take Picture” and “Blackmail” because of their intense power draws. This phone is only a concept at this point, but I think this thing combines just the right elements of an old-school cell phone and an etch-a-sketch to be successful in today’s market. What do I know, though? Have have a garage full of HD-DVD players, and I dropped my life savings on Enron stock. I have very poor foresight. More pics after the jump…



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