Kaossilator Makes Noises, Lets you Touch it

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Touch it.

The Kaossilator Touchpad Synthesizer is a touch-based music synthesizer now available over at thinkgeek. The Kaossilator allows you to move your finger left-to-right to change the pitch of the note, and up and down to change the sound that is being made. It also doubles as a drum-synthesizer for creation of some psychedelic beats to go with your crazy finger-swirling sounds. At a $200 price point, this is not some cheap little kid’s toy. The description boasts that “you’ll almost feel guilty belting out some danceable beats with virtually no effort.” Well, I’ve been trying for the last week to belt out some danceable beats, and the only thing I’ve felt guilty about is by inability to make music, or to dance. I’ve been putting in maximal effort (getting drunk and trying to play it with my foot) and still have not come up with anything that MTV is interested in. Carson Daily won’t even return my calls. I heard he was willing to do anything for a job these days, but I guess not even he is interested in my Kaossilator Touchpad Synthesizer music career. More picturey goodness, after the jump.


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