Junkture Table is Junk, Literally

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So, like, I am a slob. A major slob. So naturally, I have a lot of junk sitting around. Seriously. I look around my apartment and I see computer parts, food wrappers, a billion scratched and blank cds, old boxes, lots of empty booze containers (mostly plastic – I’m a cheap drunk), my star wars desk lamp, and several wheels with no car to attach themselves to. And I ask myself, “what to do with all this shiz?” Well Beth Fuller has answered a part of that question by creating the Junkture table. Junkture is a table made of 99-100 percent recycled materials which features black opaque glass surrounding a junk-yard-salvaged rim as the center piece. She ventures to prove that beautiful things can be the unexpected progeny of junk. Now I can feel slightly less like a messy, dirty, drunk, and more like a guy that just has a lot of “potential art” lying around.

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More pictures of the sweet table, just continue reading.

In all its green-lit beautySource materialjunkture. Cool as it may be, it really is junk.Clever subtitle

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