Japanese Toilet Training Videos are Serious. Don’t Laugh.

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It must be Japanese theme day here at Swongled.com; every other post today has been related to Japan in some way. To carry on with this theme, here is another one! These are two videos about a (tiger?) boy named Shimajiro. He has to pee and poop. His family teaches him to pee and poop in toilets. At the end of the first video is an advertisement for a product that is most definitely a waste of money, and definitely something I want. These videos are not particularly new, but they are incredibly hilarious, and educational!

No punch line here. The videos speak for themselves. A second video after the jump.

Videos found by searching youtube with boredom. “Don’t laugh” is a challenge, not a command.

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graham December 29, 2008 at 2:43 am

I think Pantsu Pankurou is better for slightly older kids than Shimajiro

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