Japanese Teahouse is 2 Balls, Insert Own Joke Here

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Japanese Tea House is Balls... Get it? 2 Balls?

Kengo Kuma likes balls.  He likes balls so much, in fact, that he decided to use them in his latest architectural concept.  This inflatable Japanese teahouse, currently on display in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, consists of two double-membraned domes built into a single structure.  Between these two membranes, one can find a series of LEDs used for both lighting the structure as well as providing it with heat.  This thing is pretty cool, but as far as design goes, I think it looks way too much like balls.  I mean honestly now, what would happen if you were to place this thing strategically in front of the Washington Monument?  You would end up with one of the most phallic architectural designs in the history of phalluses (and I suppose architectural designs as well).  Other than the fact that it looks like balls, this thing is pretty cool.  I’d definitely want one so I could have a more authentic traditional Japanese tea ceremony.  My current ceremony consists of me gnawing on some leaves that may or may not be tea, and asking each Japanese person I see if they’d like to, “come home with me and play Geisha”.  Needless to say, my ceremonies haven’t been going very well.


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