iCinema Puts You In The Movie, Use At Own Risk

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iCinema is a new way of viewing movies. 360 degrees of picture, interactivity, and action. It can also project into a dome-shaped screen to cover your peripheral vision.

iCinema is a fully immersed virtual environment simulator and interactive control system. iCinema leverages new film techniques to create content, world class software development to support real and virtual content. It uses a stereo projection system which integrates vision and sound. Controlling the content and virtual environment is done via a control console and hand held wand. The iCinema environments are projected in stereo (3D) onto a screen 4 meters high and 10 meters in diameter. It can also project onto a Domed or Flat screen depending on the type of virtual content being presented.

I always wanted to be in the movies. This thing can be fun. However, I recommend that you stay away from Jean-Claude Van Damme films. Not just because a virtual flying kick from Street Fighter’s Guile can hurt you, physically, but more because watching Van Damme movies can torture you, mentally. I’m saving you the pain of wanting to tear the eyes from your face and stuffing them in your ears. Ya… he’s made some bad movies.

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