iBand Shows Us the Future of Music, is Grim

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Mobile Device Music

What do you get when you take a pair of iPhones and a Nintendo DS? Most people would say, “two phones and a video game system,” or, “three mobile devices.” But no, these three crazies decided that the best use for these gadgets is instrumental. So they formed a band. The iBand. This is a video that they put together to show off their iSkillz to the world. I used to play songs with the number keys on my cellphone; maybe I should join them. I can rock a pretty sweet Mary Had A Little Lamb riff, which, incidentally, is better at annoying the person you’re supposed to be talking to than entertaining a crowd. A tab/sheet music of Marry Had A Little Lamb for the cellphone keypad after the jump.

Song Tab, Cell Phone version: 3212333 222 3## 3212333 22321

Enjoy. Don’t rock out too hard, or wake the neighbors or anything.

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