Human Chair: Because You Hate Your Friends

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Human Chairs

I suppose that the Human Chair design is what happens when S&M goes mainstream. This twisted brilliant design allows for two different configurations of human seating. You can either strap the chair to the chest of your new furniture piece, or you can place it on the back of your newest steed. Personally, I think I’d prefer to use the chair on the backs of my newest vehicle. That way I wouldn’t really have to move to get a beer, I could simply tell the person I’m sitting on, “Hey, you… take me to the fridge”. I’m not really sure about the whole front-mounted person/chair. It seems to me that few people would be able to handle my impressive girth in such a precarious position. I guess I’ll just have to go out there and find some bodybuilding friends to carry me around on their chests like I was in a man-sized Baby Bjorn. Since this piece is purely conceptual and “artistic“, it will not be showing up on the shelves of your local Sharper Image. Feel free to go out and buy a chair and some leather straps to make your own at home, though.


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