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Redrock for DSLR

For those of you that had not heard yet, the new Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90 digital SLR cameras support full HD video recording capabilities. This allows you to drop around $2,700 or $1,000, depending on the camera, and $500 or so on a lens and then shoot amazing HD video (or some very mediocre HD video, I guess it’s really up to you). The fact that you can change lenses and that most of them cost well under $1,000, allows you to shoot some pretty cinematic videos without selling your car and your last kidney. These cameras do come with some drawbacks, however. One of them being the relatively small size of the camera makes for some pretty unstable shots and, from a purely ergonomical standpoint, they just aren’t designed to shoot video. Fortunately, for all those miserly amateur filmmakers, Redrock has developed a “cinematizing” kit to fix just these problems. The rig bolts on around the camera and turns it into a much more video friendly device. No word yet on pricing, but the rig will be made available October 28th. I guess I will have to wait until then to finish production on my amateur film: The Dark Fate of Tomorrow Destiny XIX: King Killstab’s Return.


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