Hot Lips Phone makes Steven Tyler Jealous

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Hot Lips Phone

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Urban Outfitters is now selling what they are calling the “Hot Lips Phone“.  This enormous-lipped telephonic device is retailing for $20, and comes packed full of features.  The official website boasts the abilities to “Redial”, “Adjust Volume”, and “Make Phone Calls”.  After extensive use, I would add a few more features to the description, such as: “Won’t Kiss you Back”, “Gives a Nasty Rash”, and “Non-Stick Surface”.  One slightly disturbing thing noted on the website’s description is that you should “wipe clean”.  I seriously doubt that this device was originally intended for activities that would require you to “wipe clean” after every use.  I mean, my activities definitely require such cleanup, but then again, most of my activities require extensive cleanup in order to be considered “sanitary” and “not a public health hazard”.  More pictures after the jump


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