Hot Dog Cooker is Dubious, Potentially Deadly

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Hot Dog Cooker

Are your cholesterol numbers too low? Do you not wheeze enough when you reach the top of a short flight of stairs? Does the idea of a “Bucket ‘o Wieners” have great appeal to you? Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, the heart-cloggers over at Spilsbury (no relation to Pillsbury) have a product for you: The 4 in 1 Hot Dog Maker. This hot dog cooking bucket-contraption also boasts the ability to cook eggs, hot dog buns, and popcorn. I’m assuming that they don’t intend for you to try and cook all of these items at once, but this is only after I tried to have a 4th of July cookout/movie marathon/hot-dog flavored egg eating contest. Let’s just say that a few people ended up with food poisoning, and I ended up trying to sue Spilsbury for false advertising. This should be called the 1 in 1 hot dog cooker, or perhaps the 30 in 1, because that’s how many hot dogs I cooked in it for dinner last night. I love a good tube steak.


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