HACKED! USB Drive is Concept-y, Awesome

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Concept USB drive

Those clever bastards over at Fred & Friends have done it again.  I’m starting to think of these guys as the Anti-Brando.  They come up with original concepts that deliver on our tech dreams (as well as nifty household gadget dreams) that we didn’t even know we had in the first place.  This time, they’ve come through with the HACKED! USB drive, a USB drive that has an attached severed USB cord.  It might not sound like a particularly cool gadget, but the visual effect of a severed USB cord dangling uselessly from one’s laptop is awesome.  It looks like someone ran by and HACKED! off one of your USB peripherals, leaving it’d decapitated dongle dangling dangerously from your (laptop) device.  It’s definitely a head-turning attachment, and it’s also functional, offering 2GB of USB-based storage for all of your stolen music important documents.  No word on price or availability.

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