Guitar Hero Air Guitar is Fake Fake Guitar

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Guitar Hero is a game that lets you pretend that a plastic guitar allows you to “rock out“, either with or without your cock out (I prefer with). Guitar Hero takes some degree of fake-guitar skill. Guitar Hero “Air Guitar” is an ugly-ass belt buckle that lets you pretend that you’re playing Guitar Hero. It takes zero skill. You basically wave a magic pick in front of your crotch, and the Air Guitar hip-amp makes it sound like you’re playing invisible Guitar Hero. I’ve decided that this product is, in its own way, a major benefit to humanity.

This causes people who are unfit to reproduce to purchase a product that advertises to the world that they are unfit to reproduce. I mean, really now, who is going to get busy with someone who wanders around pretending that they are playing Guitar Hero? Not me, that’s for sure. I save my lovin’ for people who imitate quasi-famous celebrities. I just can’t help but fall for a top-notch Maura Tierney impersonator.

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bill January 16, 2008 at 12:23 am

Haha, what a waste of space!

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