Givori Serendipidy? More Like Giveaway Pug-Fugly…dy

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Say “Hello” to ugly.  The Givori Serendipidy looks like a bedazzled troll-doll of a phone, with some kinda dangley-ass locket-esque monstrosity attached to it.  It’s like someone thought “Hmmm… what’s the ugliest thing I could possibly trick rich people into thinking is worth more than $3,000?”  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the result.  These jewel-encrusted crap phones come based on either the Nokia 8800 or N76 Models, depending upon which decent phone you would like to have defaced.  Honestly, I think turning this thing into a cell phone might have more aesthetic appeal.  I mean, wow.  This thing is so ugly, all “yo mama so ugly” jokes were originally intended for this device, and then they realized that such insults were too nice for such a horrendous eyesore.  Good thing that the only available picture is low resolution and a little disorienting, otherwise it might actually cause a few people with good taste to gouge their own eyes out.

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yarm February 10, 2008 at 7:59 pm

erica bronstein?

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