Gene Silencing Makes Tearless Onions, Crybabies Rejoyce

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Onion Lovers

So science has done it, again! One more thing to make our lives easier. Researchers in New Zealand and Japan have invented the tearless onion. Using a gene silencing technology called RNAi, Dr. Collin Eady and his band of crazy scientists found a way to shut down specific genes in onions. Dr. Eady is quoted by Science Daily:

“By shutting down the lachrymatory factor synthase gene, we have stopped valuable sulphur compounds being converted to the tearing agent, and instead made them available for redirection into compounds, some of which are known for their flavour and health properties.”

While this might not mean much to you, it’s a big deal to me. I cry about everything. I mean everything. Heck, I cry when I see dogs and cats – they don’t even have to be puppies or kittens… or dead (few things are more tear inducing than dead puppies)! I fear that in the future, when I get caught crying, I won’t be able to blame in on the “onion I recently cut”; thus, posing a threat to my masculinity. Damn you, science, damn you.

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