Gamercize PC-Aerobics for the Gamer-Sized

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So let’s get straight to the point: I’m fat.  Like huge fat.  Like, so fat that they had a National Geographic special about me kind of fat.  The reason: Internet Pornography Video Games keep me from ever seeing natural light.  Now, the good folks over at have devised a way to force me to work out in order to keep up my porn gaming habits.  Enter: The Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper.  This little device hooks up via USB to your computer, and forces you to move your legs, otherwise it disables your mouse and keyboard, rendering your mad pwn4ge skills moot.  Since I’ve been using this Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper, I haven’t lost a pound.  This is mostly because as soon as it shut down my mouse and keyboard, I went into a rage and destroyed the thing.  Problem solved.  Now I can get back to porn World of Warcraft and not have to worry about looking like some n00b who sits and exercises at the same time.  More pics after the jump…


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