Gameboy Printer Available Again, Low-Resolution Photographers Rejoyce

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Gameboy Printer

The folks over at Play-Asia seem to have a knack when it comes to knowing exactly what consumers want.  In this case, it seems like consumers have been screaming out for the ability to print out 128*112 pictures on a proprietary thermal paper.  If you have an old-school Gameboy, the Gameboy camera, and the desire to print out the pictures, then you need to hop on this deal now.  They’re unloading these bad boys for only $9.90 (which is actually less than they were back in 1874 1998 when this peripheral launched) before Tax, S&H, and something they’re calling a “Yakuza Fee” that I’m still pretty unclear on.  Either way, I’m thinking about picking up a couple of these printers since my old one got taken away.  I had one of these things back in the day (by which I mean a few days ago) but Mrs. McDoogle took it it away because I kept taking pictures of my junk and posting them in all of their low-resolution glory all over the classroom.  And by “junk” I mean gum, paper, pencils, books, and my Pogs (yep… pogs).  Did you think I meant my genitals?  If so, you are a sick, sick person.  Also, you are a pedophile.


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