PacMan Hothead Protects Hands, Breaks Ms. PacMan’s Heart

Thumbnail image for PacMan Hothead Protects Hands, Breaks Ms. PacMan’s Heart May 20, 2009

New, from everyone’s favorite friends at Fred and Friends, comes the PacMan Hothead.  This nifty little kitchen gadget is the bastard child of video game icon PacMan, and kitchen standby OvenMit.  The PacMan Hothead must have caused Ms. PacMan quite a shock.  His refusal to take her hand in marriage was always a little off-putting [...]

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Miracle Berry: DIY Tastebud Confusion

Thumbnail image for Miracle Berry: DIY Tastebud Confusion May 17, 2009

Everyone’s favorite proprietor of things geeky, Thinkgeek, is now peddling a unique kind of ware.  It goes by the name of Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets, and it is purported to cause things that taste sour or bitter to seem sweet.  This product has caused geeks around the world to engage in things they’re calling “flavor [...]

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Tentacle Grape: Soda for the Sick Bastards

Tentacle Grape Icon January 7, 2009

Sick bastards everywhere rejoyce!  “Mnemosyne LLC” has heard your cry, and has delivered to you a soda catered to your sick fetishes “unique tastes”.  Tentacle Grape is here to grape you right in the throat.  It’s a delicious blend of grape soda, and tentacle rape.  I reccommend ingesting it while using the uber-popular tentacle arm [...]

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Beautification Software And The Beast

Thumbnail image for Beautification Software And The Beast October 10, 2008

Scientist in Israel have developed a “beautification engine” that subtly (or drastically) alters a person’s face based on the opinions of 68 men and women from Israel and Germany. The people used in the experiment were asked to look at photographs of various men and women and pick the most attractive, from this data the [...]

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Batter Blaster: Good Idea?

Thumbnail image for Batter Blaster: Good Idea? September 26, 2008

Okay, so forgive me if you have seen this before, but I just stumbled upon the disturbing (yet appealing) Batter Blaster. Basically, it is premixed pancake batter in a pressurized can similar to whipped cream that allows you to just squirt the stuff right onto the pan. There are two very important things to note [...]

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Real Thumb Drive is Creepy, Creeps Me Out

Thumbnail image for Real Thumb Drive is Creepy, Creeps Me Out September 15, 2008

Have you even wanted a thumb drive that was capable of both storing your vital data, as well as scaring the ever-loving shit out of small children?  Well, if so, I have some great news!  Now available over at USB Geek is the USB Real Thumb Drive!  This literal thumb drive sports standard USB 2.0 transfer [...]

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Awesome Enema

Thumbnail image for Awesome Enema August 22, 2008

Forget clowns. Forget bounce houses. Forget chocolate fountains. Forget everything else you have ever considered to be good, clean fun. This is what a birthday party will need to be truly memorable. May I introduce a dream brought to life. The AirKick Water forces water out through a rocket nozzle directly under your soon-to-be-soiled seat [...]

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HACKED! USB Drive is Concept-y, Awesome

Thumbnail image for HACKED! USB Drive is Concept-y, Awesome August 19, 2008

Those clever bastards over at Fred & Friends have done it again.  I’m starting to think of these guys as the Anti-Brando.  They come up with original concepts that deliver on our tech dreams (as well as nifty household gadget dreams) that we didn’t even know we had in the first place.  This time, they’ve [...]

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