Freebord Simulates Snowboarding, Not A Gimmick

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Freebord is a six-wheeled skateboard (but don’t call it that) that allegedly simulates snowboarding, almost perfectly. When I first looked at the board, I yelled, “GIMMICK!”, but after watching some videos and actually being able to try one, myself, I can only attest to its awesomeness. I know its winter right now, but if you live far from snow, and feel that snowboard itch, this is the only thing, less actually snowboarding, that can cure your need to meet board with snow. Their pattented design consists of two main features: 1.) it has edge wheels that simulate the outer metal edge of a snowboard (what allows you to carve), and; 2.) it has swiveling center wheels that simulate the rounded p-tex base of a snowboard (what allows you o slide). Each board also comes with one of two types of bindings (which are easy to jump out of) for total control. A board pack is priced from $210 for the basic package to $285 for the pro package. With that said, concrete is far less forgiving than snow, so protective gear is most definitely recommended, that is, unless you welcome the prospect of mental retardation.

Two more videos after the jump.

Thanks to the peeps at Freebord. See their product page, too.

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