Flash Band is Flash Memory Wrist Band, Woman Repellent

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Flash Band

Remember those “Livestrong” bracelets (and all of the knock-offs they spawned)? Well, it seems the good folks over at chinavision have come up with one to raise Virgin awareness. By this, I mean that if you wear one of these, everyone will be aware of the fact that you are, without a dobut, a virgin. Odds are, wearing this bracelet will keep you a virgin for a long time. As far as non-woman repelling functionality goes, this little wrist-hugging device comes with 1gb of wrist-tastic storage attached to “flexible plastic”. They cost about $12 for one of them, but why buy one when you can buy 200 at a lower cost, and use them for what I believe they were intended for: shooting out of The Disintigrator. So go ahead, pelt people with bullets of 1gb woman-repelling goodness. I’m pretty sure it’s a better idea than wearing the damned thing. More pictures after the jump


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