Fireproof Tent is Nifty, Not for Camping

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Fireproof Tent

Mr. Tai Chiem has come up an interesting concept: a fireproof safety tent. The idea behind the tent/canister/umbrella is that if you get trapped in a burning building, you can use this device to shield yourself from the smoke, heat, and flames until the fire department arrives for help. The unit also houses smoke masks and a GPS locator/beacon so the authorities will have an easier time locating your safety tent. Now, this thing may be pure design at this point, but the concept is interesting. If one was able to fit that much fire and heat resistant material inside of that canister, then it seems that the thing might be able to protect you from flames and smoke long enough for you to survive. It isn’t the flame and smoke that I’d be most worried about, however. It seems to me that if the burning building were to collapse on you, that little tent would do precious little to protect the soft and squishy parts of you that would be assaulted by wood beams and concrete. Reinforce this bad boy, however, and maybe make it bulletproof and now we’re talking. At least it looks like a much better concept than that umbrella-helmet from a few days ago. More picturey goodness after the jump.


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Mason February 27, 2008 at 11:22 am

This was amazing, which one of you wrote it? Soft, squishy parts, I laughed.

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