Family Guy/Star Wars Bobbleheads: Nerds and Collectors Rejoyce!

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family guy bobble heads

Urban Outfitters (proprietors of all things hip, ironic, and kitsch), is now offering some cool bobble heads in honor of the Star Wars episode of Family Guy.  There are three models as of right now: Darth Stewie, ChewBrian, and Quag-3P0 (but I assume that if they sell well enough, there will be more to come).  They are currently selling for $14 + Tax and S&H.  I was talking with this guy about them last night, and all he could do was drone on and on about how he was going to buy hundreds of them and lock them in an air-tight container in their original packaging and hope that he could someday sell them on eBay.  I think the only thing he’s held onto longer than his Star Wars collectibles is his virginity (zing?).  More pictures after the jump…

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