EVO Scooter Accentuates Your Lameness

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EVO Scooter

So, this thing is basically a Razor scooter for the “eco-friendly” adult. I call shenanigans. The only real difference is the fact that this thing folds one more time and locks into place. I’m also willing to bet that it costs more, but then again, I have lost a lot of money gambling. Like really a lot. I also spend a lot on legos. But not for building, just for some “interesting services“. More pictures after the jump.

yes, it is that complicatedI always scoot in shirt and tie.ECO Scooter, for the green (and sweaty) businessman.Where it belongs, sitting against a wall, not being used.

source, yatches

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lab8 March 26, 2008 at 12:07 am

Not everyone agrees with you:


It is a student project from the Australian Design awards after all.

Not a bad effort to engineer and fabricate a working prototype while studying.

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