Evergreen’s Mouse/Gamepad is Crime Against Nature

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The Evergreen Genius Navigator 365 is an incomprehensibly named mouse/gamepad for people who don’t mind using shoddy mice and gamepads, as long as they get to save a little space. It features a 1600 dpi laser mouse and if you open up the mouse, you find a barely fully functional gamepad that consists of 6 face buttons and one D-Pad (as well as that coveted “turbo” button that is all the rage these days). For $35, I seriously doubt the quality of such a device. Pair the low price tag with the name “Genius Navigator 365″ and my doubts grow even more. What the hell is a Genius Navigator, anyway? I understand that 365 is probably a reference to the number of days in a year, but Genius Navigator? Perhaps they’re saying that all “Geniuses” will “Navigate” away from this device “365″ days of the year. That would be my best bet… either that, or the good folks over at Brando have gotten their hand into the product-naming game again. One more pic after the jump.


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nammasofia December 14, 2011 at 4:50 am

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