EULO Recycling Sink is Green, Gross?

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Designed by Ainslie Asher, the “EULO” Greywater Recycling Kitchen Sink is a new working prototype Green sink.  The idea behind the EULO is that wastewater produced while washing dishes is easily filtered and passed back through the system for non-consumption uses (such was washing more dishes).  This filtration and reuse of “greywater” would allow for millions of gallons of water to be saved over the course of a year.  The sink also features several cleaning apparatuses to aid you in your “Green” “Greywater” washing process.  I don’t know about you, but this device would not be of much use to me.  For one, the water that comes out of my spigot is clearish-brown, not grey.  More importantly, however, is the fact that I do not own dishes, therefore I do not waste water washing dishes.  I live in an alley, so I just eat whatever I can find directly off of the asphalt, which is slightly salty and actually lends a nice flavor to the garbage that I usually consume.  More pics after the jump…     

eulo.jpg eulo2.jpg


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