E-Ink Watch: Nerdgasm Inducing Timepiece

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e-ink watch

New, over at at the little shop of wonders known as thinkgeek, one can find the e-ink based watch known cleverly as the “E-Ink Display Watch“.

The E Ink technology used in this watch depicts digital time with the look of electronic paper and can be read accurately and instantly from any angle – vastly improving on dull liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that typify previous digital watches. The customizable dial allows you to select different styles, from the precise detail of full numerals and indices to the simplicity of no markings all.

This awesome piece of nerdy tech features four different face styles, two color options (which seem to be either beige or black), and the ability to change between digital time display and the date. This seems like another nifty application of the burgeoning e-ink technology. The unfortunate thing about this exciting new technology is that Joe Everyday (like myself) cannot come close to affording such lavish adornments. I mean, this little watch would set me back $250, which is just slightly less than what I spend on booze and cigarettes every week. How am I supposed to afford my “medicine” if I’m also expected to buy all things e-ink? So my solution to this problem was to manually draw a watch on my wrist in non-”e” ink (AKA “ink”) and then rub it off every minute and re-draw it. Turns out that this resulted in losing most of the skin on my wrist, and ending up with what has been described as “the world’s most disgusting-looking fake drawn-on watch”.

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Lee Coles May 1, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Nice review, and the watches are sharp. Very aeronautical looking.

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