D:Scribe Writes, Texts, is Cleverly Named

in Computer Hardware, Mobile


The D:Scribe concept is a Bluetooth enabled fountain pen with handwriting recognition technology and the ability to read your mind record what you write, and send your scribblings to others via text message or e-mail. Let me put my standard cynicism away for a second… this thing looks pretty damn cool. There is something to be said still for handwritten letters, notes, grocery lists, etc. This thing is capable of taking those handwritten pieces, and digitize them for archiving purposes, or for mass dissemination without the hassles usually associated with such a task. Now let me resume my cynicism. Who the hell would buy such a thing? Digital is the wave of the future baby! I’ve already burned all of my analog devices in preparation for the future digital rulers of this planet. I’m still a little sad that I had to place my legos, baby pictures, and my cat into the “analog devices” pile, though.


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