Double TapeDeck is DoubleObsolete, DoubleAwesome

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Double Tape Deck

The Sony CFD-W77 is an outdated awesomely nostalgic piece of tech coming out of Japan.  This double tape deck is, as many of you could figure out from the title, an 80′s/90′s style dual tape deck boombox with a CD player and an AM/FM Radio built in.  The thing retails for around $150, which is about $150 more than it would cost you to go to the salvation army nearest dumpster and pick up an actual 80′s/90′s dual tape deck.  Like I’ve mentioned many previous times, this kind of thing appeals to me and my affinity for all things obsolete and failed.  I tried to make something similar to this a few years ago by taping a couple of Sega Saturns on top of a DivX player.  The thing had no speakers, but when I took that bad boy for a stroll down the street, everyone knew who was the man who spent way too much on failed electronics.

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