Disintegrator is Terrifying, Rubber Companies Rejoyce

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If you’ve ever wanted to lay siege to a small country using only rubber bands as ammunition, then the Disintegrator is just what you’ve been waiting for. This wooden rubber band launcher fires standard-sized #36 rubber bands a distance of up to 22 feet at a rate of 40 per second. You can either lug this balsa-wood monstrosity around, or you can mount it to a tri-pod for immobile 22-foot range mayhem. Just hope your target doesn’t see you coming, or is so terrified by your rubber-fueled might that they are unable to retreat the requisite 22 feet. All I know is that my rubber-band gun is far more effective. It consists of my hand and my arm, and fires rubber bands at however many I can throw at once, at a distance of however far I can throw them. Now if I could only afford ammo for the thing. The paper boy seems to grow weary of my constant assaults and thefts of his rubber-band arsenal. Video of the beast after the jump.

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