Direct TV to Offer 1080p Content?

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Direct TV 1080p

When 1080p TVs started rolling out a few years ago, “experts” were claiming that 1080p content was several years away from being widely available over cable or satellite.  It seems like they were correct to some degree, but Direct TV and Dish Network are now starting to beta test “On Demand” 1080p video content (mostly relegated to movies that have already been released on BluRay).  Despite this news, it still seems as though true streaming 1080p hi-def material is a long ways off, seeing as how the vast majority of content is still being broadcast in standard definition.  This might be good news for Toshiba, however.  Since the demise of HD-DVD, they’ve been hard at work working on their upscaling technologies, which could possibly make them a major player in the future of… ummm… okay, so Toshiba’s pretty much done for.  I just feel the need to make fun of them whenever discussing HD content.

Update – Toshiba still sucks.


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