Curved e-Ink Watches Hit Market, Market Considering Lawsuit

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E-Ink Watch

I’ve written a little about e-Ink watches in the past and one of my favorite makers of these nerdtastic timepieces, Phosphor, just released a new line of watches.  Their old line, featured here, was slick but lacked the kind of polish demonstrated in their latest designs.  These will still induce the same kind of nerdgasms experienced from the older models, but now allow them to be worn in social situations (outside of your weekly Dungeons and Dragons meetings… and your Magic the Gathering games… and your Pokemon club) without any awkwardness that usually accompanies nerdware.

With prices starting at $175, these watches are priced competitively with their non-e-Ink bretheren.  They come with your choice of leather, rubber, or stainless steel band.


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