Collapsible Surfboard Saves Space, Loses Lives

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Collapsible Surfboard

I don’t know if this is just me, but I’d rather not have a flotation device that also acts as a guard against sharks be described as “collapsible”. Nicholas Notara, however, has decided that the collapsible surfboard is just what the world has been waiting for. The basic design breaks the body of the surfboard into four separate parts that get fastened together with a series of rods, buckles, and magic. Apparently the reasoning behind this is that a collapsible surfboard is more compact, and easier to store (and people like that?). I tried to make my own collapsible surfboard a few years back, and the results were less than encouraging. Also, by “tried to”, I mean “accidentally”, and by “make collapsible”, I mean “crashed it into some rocks and broke it into seven jagged pieces”. You could actually call me a bit of an innovator, but nobody wrote articles about my design accomplishment. More pics after the jump.



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