Cell Phone Seeks to Eliminate Panda Food Supply

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Bamboo Phone

In a desperate search to find a purpose for tragically useless bamboo, designer, Michael Laut, has developed a cell phone that utilizes the superfluous grass.

Underneath, the Chute is like any other ordinary Smartphone, powerful and functional. The shell however is designed out of bamboo, a high sustainable resource. Bamboo turns out to be lighter and stronger than plastic. It’s totally biodegradable and far more Earth friendly in its production than plastics and metals.

I actually think the Chute looks kind of cool and I am always up for making phones out of plants or some other crazy stuff. But, I think we are limiting the possibilities of cell phones by only using tangible substances. I mean, has anybody ever tried to make a phone out of laughter? What about memories? Or, possibly, love? There is a whole untouched realm of possibilities there.

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