Cassette MP3 Player Plays MP3s, is Unnecessary

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Remember those little tape thingies that music used to come on? Well, they’re back… kinda. is trying to bring them back in a strange sort of way. They are now releasing a cassette that doubles as an MP3 player. You simply plug a SD card into it’s SD slot, and it acts as if the MP3s stored on the SD card were songs on a cassette tape. The MP3 Cassette comes with no internal memory, and can also be used as a standalone player by plugging headphones into it. Did I mention that it is a cassette? Seriously now, when is the last time you saw a cassette player for sale, or heard of someone going down to the store to pick up “That new Duran Duran Tape”? You know what’s a better idea? A vinyl MP3 player. That way, you could be at least quasi-cool, because vinyl is all retro and stuff, while cassettes are still just sorta technology that is relegated to cars made before 1995. In other news, my 8 Track player could use MP3s as well… someone tell, and maybe they can help me out.

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