Card Reader is Also Clock, Thermometer; Kitchen Sink Unavailable for Comment

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Card Reader Clock

This little triangular device is not just a card reader. It’s a card reader and so much more! This bad boy is a clock, thermometer, can opener, fire-starter, emergency flashlight, fishing pole, and it can cut right through this can! Okay, so maybe it’s just also a clock and a thermometer, but that’s pretty cool, right? Right?? Well, even if it isn’t that cool, it is still available from USBGeek for $15, and comes in a variety of colors. It supports all of the standard card types (and even some non-standard ones such as M2 and RS MMC, whatever the hell those are), and can tell you the time and temperature whenever you want. I’m not sure who would need such a device, but there are a few hybrid card-readers I’ve been working on myself. Most of them involve mixing a card reader with either some sort of stabbing device, or some method of drug consumption. What can I say… once a violent junkie, always a violent junkie. At least I’m also ingenuitive. More pics after the jump.


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