Busted, Tracer HUD Tattles On You For Speeding

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So, let’s be honest. You speed. I’ve seen it, so don’t deny it. I have a mind to tell on you, but I ‘m no rat. Instead, you should get this thing. The Tracer HUD, designed by Mitchell Brown, utilizes the latest in GPS and laser-projection technology to tell you when you are speeding. It projects a warning and your speed right on to your windshield – because, let’s face it, you’re too lazy to look 8 inches downward, at your speedometer. As cool as this technology is, it’s also kind of an asshole. If you disobey the posted speed limit, this device will record and notify a nominated party of the violation via SMS. Let’s hope it never gets put in prison, or it may have a short-lived, shank-ended life.

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