Brando Bluetooth Adapter is Tiny, Breakable

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The Brando USB Bluetooth V2.0+EDR Adapter is a minuscule USB Bluetooth adapter that can be used in laptop or desktop PCs, and allows you to connect to up to 7 wireless Bluetooth devices. Unfortunately, the adapter only allows you to connect to Bluetooth 1.1 devices, and the Bluetooth 2.0 devices that have quickly become the standard among wireless phones. This device is now available for $25 at many online stores. Personally, I have no use for this device, as I don’t even know what a Bluetooth is. Last time I dealt with something akin to a “Blue Tooth” that could talk to “Penny-Sized Devices”, I had just ingested a pint of something called “LSD”, and was playing a game of chess on the Moon with Elton John and Liberace… that was one gay game of chess.

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