Binary Tote Bag Is Mean, Clever

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Binary Tote Bag - 011000100111010101111001

010010000110010101111001001011000010000001101110011001010111001001100100 (Translation for all you non-nerds: “Hey, nerd”)

This canvas tote bag, by RedPaperRecord, is for those of you that want to really stick it to the nearest nerd. Most people will see a big black bag with ones and zeros, but people fluent in binary will read, “fuck you”. This is a little more clever than the bag I made that translates, “you asshole”, from English… to English. I guess it wasn’t as much of an inside joke as I thought. The clerk at Safeway sure got the message when I held it to his face after dropping my bag of Sun Chips. I now have a black eye, but he no longer has a job. And the world keeps on spinnin’.

A few more pictures after the jump.


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