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It’s a little late, but we’ve been busy. This is where we get to show you your top 3 articles of the month.

#3 iPhone Unlock Card Exists, Details Ambiguous

  • I don’t know how this one made it, but it did. You guys showed us that you are interested in the useless.

#2 Funshop Introduces 8-Bit Watch, is Blocky

  • You guys also seem to like the plain and the box-shaped. Good for you. Simple, yet creative.

#1 P-Per Design Concept is Sweet, Shames My iPhone

P-Per Design Concept

News about the most awesome mobile device ever conceptualized is what interested you guys the most, so it seems. This thing is awesome, and we can only hope that it becomes a reality, someday. Well done, Chocolate Design Agency, well done indeed.

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