Batter Blaster: Good Idea?

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Batter Blaster

Okay, so forgive me if you have seen this before, but I just stumbled upon the disturbing (yet appealing) Batter Blaster. Basically, it is premixed pancake batter in a pressurized can similar to whipped cream that allows you to just squirt the stuff right onto the pan. There are two very important things to note with this product: first is the contradiction of having a canned pancake batter deemed “organic”. This seems about as organic as dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and the KFC Famous Bowl. Second, is the name: Batter Blaster. I’m sorry, that just sounds like a messy orgasm. In general, “batter” isn’t a very appetizing word and I don’t readily associate “blaster” with early morning meals. Anyway, follow the link to find out how to purchase the abomination.


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