Aura: The Voodoo We Do

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For those of you that don’t believe in doctors, tests, consultants, or other health professionals, consider the following. Enter: Aura, a device that monitors your health and offersalternative treatment. “What is this treatment,” you ask? The Aura uses light, sound, and smell to affect your state-of-mind, thus improving your health. A few problems: one, it only covers these three senses – I have five to treat, people; and two, it sounds like a high-tech hippie machine to me. But, I believe this would be only for the rich hippie that knows how to invest. Most other hippies get a quick fix for their “alternative aura treatment”; they are called “alternative drugs” (also known as illegal drugs). More pictures after the jump.

whoa man… its like I’m…. holding my aura…. duuuuuuude.I can see people in my bowls without the aide of mushrooms, now.It monitors your health with unlabeled bars.the aura


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