Audio Desk Trimmer Trims, Improves Sound?!

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Audio Desk Trimmer

Audiophiles, some of the least financially responsible people in the world, have come up with yet another way to waste their money in the name of sound.  According to Audiophiles, a slight imbalance in the force the weighting of a CD can induce distortions, “laser scatter”, and the terror that is digital noise.  The poorly-named Audio Desk Trimmer (that does not trim desks, despite the name) spins your unevenly weighted CD, and uses a sharp blade to remove the offending excess material.  What the penniless Audiophile will then possess is a beautifully round disc with “edges angled at 38 degrees to effectively reduce laser scatter”.

This thing does sound kinda pointless nifty as a conversation starter about how you are still a virgin love music, but at a $900 price point, it’s a little ridiculous.  I’m not sure that “improvements in focus, transient attack, detail, and transparency” are worth $900…. mostly because I’m not sure what most of those things are.  If you feel like picking one up, head over to UltraSystem and do so.  Just look at it this way: If you’re spending $900 on a CD trimmer, think of all the money you’ll save on condoms (by never… ever needing to use one).


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