Armchair Paradise is Relaxing, Will Eat You

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When I first laid eyes on the Armchair Paradise, I assumed that PacMan had grown up and had developed a taste for human flesh. It turns out that this device is actually supposed to be a relaxation product of some kind. You’re supposed to sit in the thing, close the lid, and let the soothing sounds of “psychoacoustic stimulation” take you away. I am, quite simply, beyond skeptical about this thing. What the hell is psychoacoustic stimulation anyway? It sounds like some sort of new synthetic drug out of the Clockwork Orange that causes you to hear things and… ummm… become stimulated. Also, who the hell is supposed to be able to relax whilst being ingested by some crazy PacMan lookalike chair. If I was locked in this thing, I think I’d be far more likely to suffer a panic attack than sit in the thing and allow it to “simulate my mother’s womb”, which is actually a pretty terrifying place from what I remember. No word on price or availability, but I can assure you that this thing won’t be showing up in your local Sharper Image any time soon.


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